Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Please Comfort her with the truth, that the angels hold me safe and sound, because I'm in your arms now..."

Busy day.... After waking up and folding napkins (yes, folding napkins), I remembered it was the thirty-first. Earlier this week my mom asked me to look for Red paper. She told me about Red Envelope day. Red Envelope day was created by Brian Potter, this year. He wanted to see how many empty red envelopes out on March 31st. One empty red envelope equals one child who died because of abortion. We would send them all out to President Obama on the 31st, empty red envelopes.

Instead of buying a whole lot of red envelopes, my mom made post cards, and envelopes on the computer. We made tons ourselves, and also brought some to our church. It was really cool seeing all our red paper, turning into a helping effort :) So back to today... We sent out all of our Red Envelopes, as I put them in the mailing slot at the Post Office, I was thinking to myself I wonder how many red envelopes are down in there... did anybody else do this? It was funny to think.

lol, and back to 'folding napkins'. Jordan and I are folding a bunch of napkins up for the "Ladies Tea" coming up Saturday that Jordan is hosting at our church. So far we've made 66 out of 140! yikes! It was funny to tell my friend, I had to go (I was talking on the phone with her) fold napkins, literally! The title lyrics is from Kathy Troccoli's song, A baby's prayer. It is really touching.... I though it would go well for a post on Red Envelope day... ptyl!

Title Lyrics from A baby's prayer by Kathy Troccoli.

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