Monday, September 14, 2009

"What's That Hiding, in the Tree Tops?"

Living in North Idaho, we are blessed to see tons of beautiful wildlife, right by our house! We frequently see deer, and at certain times of the year elk, less then five miles from our house! Once, we even (almost) ran into a moose, on our own road! Though we see tons animals, almost every day, we rarely see such as Gregory saw the other day…

We were driving home Friday, and Gregory claims he saw a Doe! We all ask him where, can he show us? Unfortunately the car was going too fast, so we hadn’t gotten the privilege to see this doe… and buck, he tells us. A buck, a buck with big antlers! He also seems to have seen a moose. And a bear… And a giraffe... And a zebra… An elephant too!Is there a zoo in Kidd Island Bay? Possibly, as he had also seen a lion, two rattlesnakes, a baby kangaroo ‘’with his mommy’’, a tiger, and much more. How could we have missed all that? Maybe next time we might have as great eyesight as Gregory – or perhaps as great of an imagination?

(Title Lyrics from Jitterbug from The Wizard of Oz)