Sunday, March 29, 2009

"In the merry old land of Oz...."

So we made it! My friend Bridgett, called me at 4:30, telling us that they had posted the cast list a little early! I quickly ran and looked at the list. I was so scared, after looking at the list, not finding either of our names on there. AJ then started screaming, saying "Oh look, Ellena Schaefer, Ellena Schaefer". (He says that he doesn't know why he was so excited :) ) After looking over it a few times, we were assuming the worst for AJ, but then noticed that he was there too! After all the excitement of finding that we were in the play, we saw what we got as parts. AJ got to be an Polisher Ozian, and I am part of the Ozian Chorus, along with a friend of mine, Kelly. We can't wait until the next class, and practise!

Title Lyrics from Merry old Land of Oz from The Wizard of Oz

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