Monday, March 16, 2009

"What if tomorrow, What if today? Faced with the question, Oh what would we say..."

was bored again today, stuck inside from this cold, wet weather! Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll have spring coming for a while, with this foot of snow still stuck here (The few inches that fall every once and a while aren’t helping!) So for now I’m getting through tons of books… Those of you, who know me, will know this is not unusual for me. In the last couple days I’ve gone through four books - including the one I’m in the middle of.

Speaking of which, a school project Mom, Isaac and I is studying World War two, and the Holocaust. It’s been very interesting; at the same time it’s been tragic too. I’m actually just beginning the Diary of Anne Frank. Last night we watched a movie on a book I just finished called The Hiding Place. It’s about a Dutch woman named Corrie (Cornelia) Ten Boom Who was caught hiding Jews in her house. After going to jail for months, she was taken to a Concentration Camp. It was frightening to think of what we would do if we had the choice to save a person's life, at the same time risking your own life... I’d better stop before I get going… Anyways it was a very good movie.
I’m hoping and praying that god will send us lots of Rain, and then sun…So I’m hoping that all this reading and school-work will get me through this cloudy weathered time :) For now, I'll ptyl - post to you later?

(Title lyrics from "This is your time" by Michael W. Smith)

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