Thursday, April 2, 2009

"The Sun'll come out, tomorrow..."

NO, no again! Here we are, April 2nd, and not only are the big giant chunks of ice still in places, but it snows yet another three inches! Why? ahhh man.... I was so excited a few days ago seeing a robin digging for worms outside. I was hoping for a green Easter! or not I guess?

So there isn't much new... As this week is Spring break there wasn't any CYT classes, or practises. Oh, and April Fools days was great :) All of us kids had been planning for ever to do a crazy awesome April Fools trick on mom and dad, unfortunately it didn't work out... We had been planning to wake up at six, and hide in the car, all of us, including Gregory. I was sitting in bed the night of the thirty-first, putting together the dates, today was the 31st, tomorrow would be the 1st, the 4th was.... OH WAIT! April fools day was tomorrow. I ran down and reminded Isaac, and he said it was too late, Joel and Jordan already asleep and everything :( well we did have a pretty fun April Fools day... AJ did the finger in Ketchup trick to Gregory (he was scared!) and I totally messed up the oatmeal, (I can't believe they didn't smell the garlic and Tabasco in it!)... among other tricks our April fools day was pretty fun :)

I'm also still folding napkins :) now we're at... 93 out of 140, a little better? I hope so... I'm just hoping we'll have enough time to make all 140 of them before the tea this saturday... oh well :)

Hoping the weather will change it's mind... So, tell next time.... I'll ptyl!

Title Lyrics from Tomorrow from Annie.

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