Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine..."

Today is Mom's Birthday! Unfortunately Jordan's gone, to California, so she couldn't be here. She is baby-sitting for Ben, Addie and Jack, (see her mini blog/twitter) our younger cousins for a few days while Uncle Mark and Aunt Julia are on Vacation. Mom didn't really want to celebrate without her, so we did a small celebration with pancakes, sausage and eggs... And of course the presents!

Jordan, AJ and I gave her a certificate for 5 massage at The Highlands Day Spa. One of which is today! Dad, Joel and Isaac all got her another laptop, as her old one wasn't working too well. Gregory gave her a hanging basket! He was very proud of it... Mom also loved all our cards, we got those ones how you press the button and your message plays before the song... yeah! DoeDoe found this one for Gregory that had You are My Sunshine, Mom's and His song :) She was very happy to see that!

Altogether we had a happy day, even if DoeDoe wasn't here to celebrate! I apologize for the lack of pictures - We didn't take any today! I'll try to take more pictures for the blog though... If Jordan left her camera! Okay ptyl everybody!

Title Lyrics from You Are My Sunshine

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Monica said...

Ellena, please tell your mom "Happy Birthday" from me!