Monday, April 27, 2009

"He's Alive! He's Alive and I"m forgiven, Heaven's gates are open wide..."

Wow! I haven't written in so long! Probably because we've been so busy... between church, CYT, Dentist Emergencies (yeah!) and just life, it's been pretty crazy! Also.... Christ Is Risen Everybody!

First of all Easter (Pascha for orthodox friends :)... We had a beautiful midnight service - we actually did our procession through the cemetery, which was really cool! My candle didn't go out the entire procession! Oh yeah :) After the service we enjoyed the feast (well I had a fever and didn't eat much :( ) and then went home and slept until 11:00 :P than we drove up to Bonners (Well actually they rented a place in Hope Idaho for Easter, a beach house...) for the Agape Vespers service, and the Celebration for afterwards. After hearing the gospel of the Resurrection in 10 different languages, we had a gigantic feast - again. Than we had a huge egg hunt, around that big beach house! I found the biggest jack-pot of eggs (thank you, thank you very much...) and to AJ's horror, shared the majority of the eggs with everybody :) Over all, we had a very blessed Easter/Pascha.

Next, CYT. Although it's been so much fun, it also takes up lots of time! We have rehearsals usually every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. The play is starting to look really good! Speaking of which, if you are interested in buying the tickets, leave a comment (friends and family :) and I'll give you the Information. Our Ozian dance is all finished choreographing, now we just need to not forget it (easier said than done...)! Classes on Tuesdays, I think are my favorite part, we get to play lots of Improv games, which I really enjoy!

Now for Dentist Emergency's! For a while my tooth been hurting, and so Thursday we went in to Dr. George, for him to take a look. Apparently the cavity was bigger than he thought, and I now have to have a root canal! Oh man! He did do something Thursday though (I don't really know what!) and it's been feeling better, though my jaw's pretty sore...

Okay I hope you enjoyed that little catch up on our life... In a nutshell :) I'll now try to keep posting constantly - every few days. Christ is Risen and - ptyl!

Title Lyrics from "He's Alive" by Don Francisco

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