Monday, May 3, 2010

"It's a brother and a sister kinda thing.."

Our family has always enjoyed playing games. It get's kinda crazy around here sometimes, as we're extremely slightly competitive. This could be why we like these games so much. One of our new favorites is:
Jordan gave it to us for Christmas knowing how amazing it is.
The goal is to use every single one of your letter pieces in a huge crossword puzzle, no names, abbreviations or slang terms are allowed (e.g. "Yo" or "Sup.")
You start with 15 pieces, and try to put them all together into words as fast as you can!
The first person to do so correctly shouts "Bananagrams!" and each player grabs five more pieces. You can now try to add it to the words you've already made, or sometimes you just can't. So you need to re-assemble your puzzle to fit the new pieces.
It gets rather insane occasionaly. Like, when you have two more pieces left and you can not fit them in ("Come on guys, how 'bout we all can put back just two pieces, okay?") or when you have a Q and you don't have one U, so that just isn't fair at all. At all. Or you just know that ''Vet'' is a word of it's own, it is so NOT an abbreviation for Vetranarian! Or when you could just swear that apple just came out with a new thing called an ifeet, these shoes which play music, so you can totally put that lonely I in front of feet. Yes, we come up with many different excuses. but it's still pretty awesome.
You could even say it's educational, 'cause you know, you spell things.

(Title lyrics from Me and My Gang by Racal Flatts


Surly Teabag said...

There are some words that you can make with a Q when you don't have a U. I posted about a few of them.

The two I use most often in Bananagrams are qaid and qat, but my favorite is qoph!

Ellena said...

Thanks, I'll inform the crew :)