Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Come on in boy, sit on down and tell 'bout yourself.."

I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately.. Our church hosted a retreat this weekend and we were busy preparing for it last week.
This little boy is such a talker.
He was talking to Grandma yesterday and told her all about his day on Saturday, and his day yesterday. He talked about how he went to a birthday party, and all about what was in his goody bag. He explained to her all about how it was not his birthday, but he still got a present, the goody bag.
He is so silly.
I was talking to him today, about, you know.. Everything!
I asked him if he was excited about going to Europe soon.. and he said not really.
"Because, in Europe I'll have to eat really, really grose things, like Frog legs and TOMATOES! Ewww!"
When actually this silly boy has told us that he was super excited about trying all the different foods.
"And Lena!
"Did you know, that in, umm.. Italy we can eat ice cream for dinner, lunch
and breakfast!"
Really? Who told you this?
"Oh, my dentist girl."
"And Lena, did you know, I have pwoblems saying my awws (Rs)?"
"I can't say my awws. I'm like Bawbawa Waltuws." 
Yes, he really said this. He can say his R sound now, but a while ago he was embarrassed that he still couldn't say his Rs right, and we told him that he was only five and there are adults that can't say their names correctly, because they can't say their Rs. And he remembered. This silly, silly boy.
"Do you know what I'm going to be when I grow up?
"I'm gonna be a Astronot-Painter.
"I'll go to space, and I'll paint the moon, and planets and stars and the sun!
"An' I'll make these awesome dark sun glasses so that I can look at the sun, really close!"
Talk to you later you crazy little boy!

(Title lyrics from Cleaning This Gun by Rodney Atkins)

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hannah banana said...

omg. Gregory iz so cute(: (:(: