Monday, June 22, 2009

"Say your Sorry..."

I feel so bad about not writing on the blog for FOREVER! After my last post we were busy for a week or two, but than I guess I didn't want to write this long apology post. Anyways...
Summer has finally hit! Not only the awesome weather, but the business of it all too! (is that word?) We've been so many places in the last few months!

First of all need to tell you about the show. It went so well! Everybody that went loved it, and it was a big hit for everybody in Coeur d' Alene! AJ and I really enjoyed it! I made so many friends, and I'll always remember it. I think it was a great experience, especially since it was in such a huge theatre too! Miss Dena (the director) told us it would probably be the best stage we'll go on unless we become professionals!

During the play Mom, Joel, Jordan and Isaac were down at the parish life conference. Joel, Jordan and Isaac were their own Senior Bible Bowl team for our church, and after five tie breakers they won! Isaac was the only one in both groups to put down the right answer. Joel also won the Oratorical Contest, Isaac did very well too! They all will be going back down to Palm Springs in mid July for the finals - pray for them!

As for me, I'm actually in San Diego at the moment. I'm visiting Papa and Grammy here at the ranch. I'm having an awesome time! The boys and I drove down Tuesday, and ended up making it here at 1am. We than went to Big Bear with the boys from Thursday-Saturday, we had so much fun with the Mulder cousins! Yesterday morning the boys headed of to Project Mexico, and left me here :) I've been having so much fun though! Last night we went to the Crous's for an awesome dinner and we went swimming in the pool. I've also been riding, which has been awesome!

Okay I'll keep you guys updated now... Later!

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