Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"The Best day, with you, today..."

I'm packing for the trip tomorrow... I'm not so excited about leaving now, because I was hoping to stay a day or two more - oh well! I am happy to be going home!

Today Grammy took me to Trinny's and I got a manicure and pedicure! We took my cousin Avalon too, and we had lots of fun! I love the color I chose for my toes, I think it looks great! For my fingernails I decided to get a fringe, and they look great too. Unfortunately I stubbed my toe in Avalon's pool afterwards, and chipped the paint on my toe, but thankfully Trinny gave us the color, and I can touch it up now.

At the moment I'm having a little trouble packing.. Grammy went shopping with me a few times, and so I have even more than what I came with. Plus I have presents from Big Bear, presents for the boys from Grammy, and a card and present for Jordan from the Crouses. I barely have enough room! Thankfully I can leave some things to make more room, and the boys will take it up when they come home in a week or so.

Okay, I better finish my packing, ptyl!

(Title Lyrics from Best Day by Taylor Swift)

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