Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"This is the time, this is the time..."

Well, to let you know a little bit about where I am and what I’m doing: I am sitting directly across from the restrooms at Providence, RI International Airport. You may have known this – I didn’t – but Southwest Airlines does not allow you to check your baggage over four hours from your departure time. I know. I know. Ridiculous. :)

So, Isaac and Mom took off at 8am (our time, so 5am for most of you) and my flight doesn’t leave until 5:40pm. That means until 1:40pm (East Coast) I have been and will continue to be stuck on this side of security.

Over the next hour or so, I’m going to try and whip out some posts about our trip (that is only half done for me). If I leave anything out, let me know. I’ll be here for another… 5 hours and 40 minutes. :)

(Title lyrics from "Time of My Life" by David Cook)

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