Monday, March 17, 2008

"Look at this photograph. Every time I do it makes me laugh..."

Clu-click, clu-click, clu-click… Some of you may not be familiar with this sound. This sound is from a rare and beautiful thing that has recently become part of our family life, and more particularly, my own. It belongs to a EOS 20D, Canon, Digital Camera. With 8.2 megapixels and a 4GB memory card, I am finally getting to pursue my dream of photography. Here’s the story:

For over a year I had begun to develop a love for photos. My younger siblings gave me ample opportunities for taking out the family’s small digital and getting some great shots. When in need of better quality, a wonderful man from our church and family friend who is very invested in his photography hobby would let us borrow his impressive Canon digitals. My mother and I fell in love with these astounding manmade creations! They were so fast and the quality of the images was spectacular.

So, I began my hunt for a camera of my own. It was only last week when I spoke to Mr. Townsend (the man from our church) about his resent upgrade to a newer version of the EOS. It was during this conversation that he offered to sell his retired, but still in great shape, camera (now the one sitting on my bookshelf). Mr. Townsend made us an amazing offer (less than half what the camera was selling for on eBay) and the end of last week, my parents and I co-bought the camera together. I told them that I wanted to buy it myself, but my mother wanted to guarantee her share of time using it, so we spilt the cost two ways (I paid 66.667% and my parents 33.333% :P).

The point of the matter is, you are all going to see the outcome of this amazing camera here on the blog. As I begin to expand my horizons in terms of photography (and upgrade to more hard drive space to fit it all on my computer), this blog will be decorated with lots of my numerous shots. Please let me know what you think!

So long for now!

(Title lyrics from “Photograph” by Nickelback)

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hannah banana said...

i've alwayz wanted to go for photography too..but well i was little and sort of forgot about it.:(
wish i waz like you and actually went for it!